-妙蓮 Eye Mist 廣告 2018

-Braologie interview 2018


-Beauty product 2018

-壽星公煉奶 廣告2018

-海關內部training 2018

-Braologie video 2018

-Carlsberg video 2017

-Bodibar video 2017

-hydro up video

-滾續頻道:運動與投資 2017

-Music video 不拒 2017

-Yahoo core max video 2017

-Dr.mericle Video 2017

-Angel Beauty Bar 2017


-Skincare 2018

-Royal Natural Beauty 2018

-AIA Great European Carnival 2018

-婚禮wedding magazine No.212 April 2018

-Minted jewellery shooting 2018

-Model Of Photography Class 2018

-3D rendering model 2018

-Fashion shooting 2018

-Free man storage company photo shooting 2017

-Fashion shooting 2017

-Cosmetic Shooting 2017

-Photo shooting with global photographer (Eldon Lau) 2017

-Model Of Photography Class 2017

Hair Show 

-GHD  Hair show 2018

-Schwarzkopf Hair show2018 

-GHD  Hair show 2017

Cat walk 

-Schwarzkopf Hair show2018 


-Tommy Hilfiger 2018






-東方明珠石油 2018

-Asia expo unicity 2018

-Bitcoin 2018

-嘉億國際有限公司Anniversary 2018

-HKBU 50 th Anniversary 2018

-Chottomaki Grand Opeing 2018

-747 The Gallery Grand Opeing2018

-Steyrmotros Escort girl  2017

-Quality bar label scheme 2017 (Escort)

-Old pulteney whisky event 2017


Kent product introduce 2018

Power unit beach party 2017


-ATV opening 2017 2018

-Hermas 2018

Volkswagen 2018

-Formula E Hong Kong with BMW (serve VIP guess ) 2017

-Ovation of the sea event 2017

-Lumieres 2017

Show Girl

-香港電腦節 Net Gear 2018

-Sony 2018




Make up model

-Dior backstage 2018

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